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Bowel Cancer

The National Bowel Screening Programme is urging everyone aged 60 to 69 to avail of its free home test. 5th March 2019

Bowel Cancer

 The National Bowel Screening Programmes is
urging everyone aged 60 to 69 to avail of its free
home test.

Bowel Cancer is one of the most preventable and
treatable types of cancer, thanks to early detection and
screening. On average 2,500 people are diagnosed with
the disease each year. Over 1,000 lives are lost.
The programme is saving Lives. To date it has
Detected over 900 cancers and removed 25,000
pre-cancerous growths.

Only 41% of eligible people have
availed of BowelScreen.

“Bowel screening, can detect abnormal
changes in the bowel which can often have no
signs or symptoms. These changes can
develop into cancer over time. However, if
they are caught at an early stage, there are
more treatment options and increased
chance of survival. This is why screening is so

“Bowel cancer most commonly occurs in
people over 60 years of age and is often
diagnosed in the later stages. However, if bowel
cancer is caught early, it is extremely treatable
so we would encourage people to be aware of
the signs and symptoms and to take our online
Bowel Health Checker: and also to be aware of
steps we can take to reduce our risk of bowel

Are you aged 60 to 69
Then check you are on the BowelScreen
register to receive your free home test
1800 45 45 55


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