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Elmwood provide a broad range of services from antenatal care, baby and child care, health promotion,psychological support and chronic disease care right through to care of the dying. Please use our search facility or click on a category below to find out more information.

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We are experienced in the management and diagnosis of a wide range of skin, hair and nail conditions.

We are fortunate in Elmwood to have the expertise of Dr Nuala O'Connor who has a special interest in skin disease. She is a member of the Irish Primary Care Dermatology Society and has a post graduate qualification in Dermatology form the University of Cardiff in Wales.

Unfortunately, Dr O'Connor is not in a position to see new patients but will see already existing patients of Elmwood if referred by another GP within Elmwood Medical Practice.

Did you know that 1/10 vist's to Irish GP's are about skin problems?
- Acne
- Eczema
- Psoriasis
- Red blemishes/ blotches/ spots on the face
- Dry scaly patches on the face
- Brown spots on the face
- Concern about moles – could they be cancerous?
- Rashes / persistent itchiness on embarrassing areas groin or vulval skin
- Rashes in the armpit
- Excessive underarm sweating
- Smelly feet, rashes on the feet or between the toes
- Ugly toe nails (yes the nails are part of your skin!)
- Itchy scalp
- Dry scalp
- Flaky scalp
- Rashes in the hair or visible at end of hairline
- Hair loss in patches, all over or just thinning
The list is endless

Within Elmwood we place a strong emphasis on educating our patients about skin care and the prevention of lifelong skin damage. If you are concerned about some aspect of your skin, hair or nails why not ask us if it can be helped?

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