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Elmwood provide a broad range of services from antenatal care, baby and child care, health promotion,psychological support and chronic disease care right through to care of the dying. Please use our search facility or click on a category below to find out more information.

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Health screening is based on the principal that 'prevention is better than cure'. Health screening can help identify early signs of a disease and provide you with an evaluation of your overall current state of health.

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Why should I attend for a Well Man Health Check?

The majority of diseases and illnesses can be successfully treated if discovered early. Early warning is vital to the treatment of many conditions. For example, prostate cancer; this is the most common male cancer in Ireland. The good news is that if prostate cancer is detected early, it is potentially curable.


At what age should I attend for a Well Man Health Check?

The answer is any age – it is never too early to start looking after your health.


How long will the check-up take?

You will need 2 appointments – one with the Nurse and one with the Doctor. Each appointment lasts 30 minutes and you will need to arrive ten minutes prior to your first appointment in order to fill in the Well Man Questionnaire. It is best to allow an hour and a half in total for your visit. Alternatively, you may wish to split your appointments if you are short of time. This can be done by attending the Nurse for the 30 minute session and then returning to the Doctor a week later for the full medical examination. By this time your blood results will have been sent back from the laboratory and the Doctor will be able to go through these with you.


What tests will the Nurse carry out?

She will measure your weight, height and also calculate your BMI. This will be followed by a blood pressure check. There will be a discussion on diet, exercise, cholesterol and general methods to help reduce heart disease. A full blood screen will be carried out to include: test for diabetes, prostate, vitamin and iron stores, liver and kidney function, thyroid, cholesterol – which is broken down into good fats and bad fats. A urine test will also be carried out.


What tests will the Doctor carry out?

Full medical including testicular, prostate and rectal exam. You have the option of attending a male doctor for this examination.


Do I have to do any preparation for this Health Check?

You will need to fast for 14 hours prior to your appointment time (it is ok to drink water) and you will be asked to provide a urine sample on arrival.


When do I get the results of the examination?

The results should be available one week after your appointment – your doctor will arrange to communicate the results to you.


How much will the check-up cost?

The total cost of the Well Man Health Check is €150 which is payable on the day of the appointment. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the extended nature of these health screening appointments, it is necessary that patients give 48 hours notice of intention to cancel. Failure to do so will incur a cancellation charge of €50. As you will be fasting prior to your appointment, all Well Man Health Checks are booked into our earliest appointment slots. These slots tend to get booked up quickly so please book well in advance. Should any further investigations be required i.e. ECG, Spirometry, 24 hr BP monitoring and CXR these will incur a separate charge.