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Dr. John Mc Cormick provides Ireland’s only no-needle no-scalpel vasectomy clinic and operates between his main Dublin vasectomy clinic and a clinic in Cork.

No-scalpel vasectomy offers a significantly less invasive procedure for your vasectomy compared to a traditional vasectomy, resulting in a much faster recovery and a quicker return to work. No-scalpel vasectomy is a simple 15 minute procedure that provides you with most effective form of contraception available today, nothing is as effective as a vasectomy at preventing a pregnancy. The American Urology Association have recommended that no-scalpel vasectomy should be the method of choice when performing a vasectomy.

With a no-scalpel technique the vas tubes are accessed through a tiny opening on the front of the scrotal wall under local anaesthetic. The anaesthetic is delivered via a spray applicator which means we do not have to use any needles to deliver the anaesthetic so no “bee sting” sensation occurs. Most patients say the procedure is painless with minimal discomfort afterwards.

Dr. Mc Cormick graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2001. He spent the following 7 years working in surgery and has worked in general and vascular surgery posts in St. Vincent’s University Hospital, University Hospital Limerick and Beaumont hospital. He previously worked as a lecturer in surgery for the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He holds a postgraduate membership of RCSI and has a higher doctorate degree. He is a member of the medical advisory board for World Vasectomy Day.

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Related FAQs


How much does a No-Scalpel Vasectomy cost?

The total cost of a vasectomy is €500. This is the total inclusive cost including the semen analysis.


Is a vasectomy completely effective at preventing a pregnancy?

Almost, you still have a 1 in 3000 chance of a pregnancy after having a successful vasectomy. This is as good as it gets though as no other form of contraception is as effective as a vasectomy, including coils and tubal ligation, and a vasectomy is the only method of contraception for men, except using condoms and they are not very effective. Condoms have a failure rate of 3/100, the pill has a failure rate of 1/100 while the coil and tubal ligation have a failure rate of 1/1000. This leaves vasectomy as the most effective form of contraception available today.


Will this have any impact on my libido or sexual function?

No, their is no association between a vasectomy and loss of libido/sexual dysfunction and prostate cancer.


How long does it take?

The vasectomy takes approximately 15 minutes or less to do. You’re here in the clinic for 30-40 minutes as we do the consultation before the vasectomy and give time to explain everything involved and answer any questions you may have about the vasectomy.


What is a No-Scalpel Vasectomy?

It’s essentially “keyhole surgery” for your vasectomy. With a no-scalpel vasectomy we make a small opening, less than 1cm in length, on the front of the scrotum. It’s more a small tear rather than a fresh cut, hence it doesn’t bleed as much and it is typically healed in 1-2 days without any stitches. It is a less invasive way of accessing the vas deferens, the tubes we divide, but we still have to divide them once we access them .


How long has No-Scalpel Vasectomy being used?

No-scalpel vasectomy was invented in the late 1970?s by the Chinese and started to become popular in the USA in the early 1990?s. It is currently the recommended gold standard for Vasectomy as recommended by the American Urology Association.


What is the difference in a no-scalpel vasectomy and a traditional vasectomy?

With a traditional vasectomy a quarter inch cut is normally made on each side of the scrotum, some experienced “scalpel vasectomists” may only make one incision in the middle of your scrotum. Ideally your vasectomy should be as minimally invasive as possible so ask for a no-scalpel vasectomy.


What is an open ended vasectomy?

An open ended vasectomy is a term used to describe leaving the tubes coming out of your testicle open rather than sealing it shut or clipping it. This keeps pressure off your testicle as it will continue to make sperm. Open ended vasectomies are nothing new and have been in practice for quite some time.


What’s the deal with the No-needle anaesthetic?

We use a spray applicator to deliver the anaesthetic in to the tube and skin. This means we do not have to use a needle and it is significantly much more comfortable than a needle being inserted in your scrotum. It also numbs the area much quicker and less anaesthetic is needed. We are the only clinic in Ireland using this method and nobody else has used it previously in Ireland.


What about a Laser Vasectomy?

A common myth exists about laser vasectomy. Lasers burn skin and tissue, so to do a “laser vasectomy” we would still have to make an opening on the front of your scrotum to access the tubes and using a laser to burn your tubes would be no more effective than using cautery and clips, and we would still have to use a clip or suture to ensure the effectiveness of a vasectomy.


How painful is the procedure?

Most patients will tell you the procedure is pretty much painless or at most a discomfort. We give you a jock strap to wear for 48 hours afterwards which provides good pain relief. Most patients describe the after effects as 2 or 3 out of 10 in terms of discomfort or pain and most are fully recovered by day 2 after the vasectomy.


How soon after my vasectomy can I exercise?

After 2 days if you feel up to it. We have seen patients go mountain biking the next day with no problem (although not recommended) and marathons completed a week after the vasectomy. But generally after 2 days if you feel up to it.


How soon after my vasectomy can I have sex again?

After 2 days


How do I make an appointment?

Phone us on 01-6615544 to schedule an appointment.

What we advise is to choose a day that suits you for work. If it’s office work you can return the same day or the next day, if it’s physical work then we recommended no work for 2-3 days.


When do I do the semen sample?

No earlier than 14 weeks after the vasectomy and you must also have ejaculated at least 25 times between the vasectomy and when you do the sample. If you haven’t then just delay doing the sample.


How many semen samples do I do?

One. You do the sample at home and post it to the Rotunda.

95% of guys produce a negative or clear sample on the first sample after 14 weeks. Once we get the results from the Rotunda, which takes about 1 week, we will write to you confirming you may start using your vasectomy for contraception.

If you are one of the 5% who had a few sperm in your first sample then you will need to do a second sample a few weeks later and almost everybody will produce a clear or negative sample at that stage.

About 1% or less will need to do a third sample because of persistent sperm. This sample will be done in the Rotunda, or get it in to them within an hour of producing it.


What is the total cost?

€450, this includes the semen samples. If you have a valid medical card, and you inform us of this at the time of booking, then the cost is €350.


How do I find out the next available date for the Cork clinic?

Check the website or give us a call or send us an e-mail.

E-mail: or please use the contact form on the home page of this website