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Encouraging good behaviour in teenagers

17th January 2020

Encouraging good behaviour in teenagers

Encouraging good behaviour in teenagers: 20 tips:

Good behaviour in teenagers starts with positive communication and a warm relationship.

1. Take time to actively listen
2. Set clear rules about behaviour
3. Broken rules: follow up calmly, firmly and consistently
4. Encourage self-reflection
5. Try to be a positive role model
6. Choose your battles
7. Take your child seriously
8. Give your child responsibility
9. Tackle problems in a positive way
10. Praise your child
11. Plan ahead for difficult conversations
12. Keep ‘topping up’ your relationship
13. Share your feelings
14. Learn to live with mistakes
15. Look for ways to stay connected
16. Respect your child’s need for privacy
17. Encourage a sense of belonging
18. Keep promises
19. Have realistic expectations
20. Look for the funny side of things

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