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Elmwood provide a broad range of services from antenatal care, baby and child care, health promotion,psychological support and chronic disease care right through to care of the dying. Please use our search facility or click on a category below to find out more information.

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Contraceptive Services


We offer family planning and sexual health advice and fitting of all contraceptive services including Implanon, Mirena Coil and Oral Contraceptive Pill. During the consultation we will help you choose the ones thats right to you at your stage of life.

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IUS – Intrauterine System – Mirena Coil/Kyleena Coil – lasts 5 years
IUD – Intrauterine Device – Non hormonal copper coil – lasts 5-10 years
Contraceptive Implant – lasts 3 years
Contraceptive injection – depot provera – lasts 12 weeks

These are not dependent on the user remembering to take them and are often more cost effective in the long run with less GP follow up visits and the cost of monthly prescriptions . The doctor will discuss your device of choice and other options with you at the initial video consultation and provide a prescription for your contraception or choice and book a suitable date and time to insert the device. Sometimes a urine sample may need to be provided before your insertion date to ensure that you are not pregnant and that you do not have a sexually transmitted infection.
Please follow the link below for further information on contraceptive options

How much will this cost?

Insertion of implanon €120 (€150 for removal and insertion on the same day)

Removal of implanon €120

Insertion of mirena/kyleena/copper coil – €180 (includes a follow up necessary consultation 6 weeks after insertion) €210 for insertion and removal of device on the same day

Removal of mirena/kyleena/copper coil €60



This contains two female hormones (oestrogen and progestogen) in the form of a pill, patch or vaginal ring. It works by mimicking the normal hormonal cycle and preventing ovulation.

How effective is it?

If properly used, it is over 99% effective. It is dependent on the user remembering to take it, apply it or insert it and is less effective with less careful use.
Things to know before choosing this method

- Available only with a prescription
- Not suitable for women with conditions such as high blood pressure or smokers over 35
- Vomiting, diarrhoea and taking some medicines such as antibiotics can interfere with how it works
- Does not protect against sexually transmitted infections

This may require a visit to the practice in certain situations as blood pressure & BMI to be checked annually

How much will this cost?

Contraception Video Consultation €60



How does it work?

This pill contains one female hormone (progestogen) and is taken every day without a break. It works mainly by preventing sperm from getting through the fluid at the neck of the womb. It may also thin the lining of the womb, which prevents an egg from implanting there and may prevent an egg being released.

How effective is it?

Effectiveness depends on careful and consistent use. It depends on the user remembering to take itis 96-99% effective with very careful use, but it must be taken around the same time every day.

Things to know before choosing this method

- Available only with a prescription
- Useful for women who cannot or do not want to take oestrogen

Can be used when breastfeeding?

- May cause irregular periods
- Does not protect against sexually transmitted infections

How much will this cost?

Contraception Video Consultation €60



Please let our reception staff know if you require a consultation on the same day and we will do our best to facilitate this. We can provide a video consultation to answer your questions regarding your option.

The consultation may result in a prescription for the morning after pill or a follow up in practice consult for insertion of a copper coil where necessary.

How much will this cost?

Video consultation +/- prescription €60