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Elmwood provide a broad range of services from antenatal care, baby and child care, health promotion,psychological support and chronic disease care right through to care of the dying. Please use our search facility or click on a category below to find out more information.

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Pregnancy and Antenatal Care


Within Elmwood we have the knowledge and expertise to help you during this time. We want to ensure that you and your baby are well and provide you with advice on mainting your health during your pregnancy. Our main priority is to ensure that mom and baby are happy and healthy and we can address the following factors throughout the pregnancy - nutrition, immuinity to infections, weight, blood pressure, Foods to avoid, exercise, lifestyle changes.

Under the HSE Mother and Infant Scheme anternal visits are provided free of charge to all expectant mothers and for your baby up to six weeks after delivery. The sceheme includes between six and seven antenatal visits during your pregnancy and a two week check for your baby and a six week check for you and your baby. Schedule of ante natal care will be divided up as shown below in the FAQ section.

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Ante Natal Care Schedule - Number of weeks pregnant

- Before 12 weeks: Visit to GP
- Before 20 weeks: Visit to maternity Hospital / Obstetrician
- 24 weeks: Visit to GP
- 28 weeks: Visit to GP (Unless 1st pregnancy); Visit to maternity Hospital / Obstetrician (in case of first pregnancy)
- 30 weeks: Visit to GP
- 32 Weeks: Visit to maternity Hospital / Obstetrician
- 34 Weeks: Visit to GP
- 36 weeks: Visit to maternity Hospital / Obstetrician
- 37 Weeks: Visit to GP
- 38 Weeks: Visit to maternity Hospital / Obstetrician
- 39 weeks: Visit to GP
- 40 Weeks: Visit to maternity Hospital / Obstetrician


Ante Natal Care Schedule - Birth of Baby

- 2 Weeks post natal: Visit to GP (for baby)
- 6 weeks post natal: N/A (for both mum and baby)